connect apple tv with eduroam, use eduroam wifi with apple tv, configure eduroam profile in apple tv

first, i'm a lonely man in f___ing BNE...

1. please visit https://grok.lsu.edu/Article.aspx?articleid=16895 to understand what is
"apple configurator2" and any hardware that you need to connect your apple tv (ATV) to your laptop, sure! you need a computer with mac os

2. remove your ATV from your computer via USB, start your ATV, connect your ATV with USB

3. open apple configurator2, new a profile, go to wifi to configure

4. open go to https://cat.eduroam.org/ to check/get your configure profile under your university/institute

5. download your eduroam installer from "https://cat.eduroam.org/" cause you will never know how to it works in your uni...

6. use text editor (perhaps iso-8559-1 is a good encoding) to open the configure profile, 
and you will see something dala as follow~~ this is from my uni
                      EAPFASTProvisionPAC ==> yes it accepts EAPFAST...
                      EAPFASTUsePAC ==> yes it accepts EAPFAST...
                      EAPFastProvisionPACAnonymously ==> reject EAPFast...anonymous
                      OneTimeUserPassword ==> reject onetime userpwd
                      TLSTrustedServerNames==> oh my uni actually accpts TLS..server
"sorry i don't want your know" ==> and the server name is "sorry i don't want your know"
                         MSCHAPv2 ==> this is important too
               EncryptionType ==> yes WPA

7. try to understand/map the above options to the wifi configuration page in the "apple configuretor 2", and don't forget to fill out your eduroam username/pwd from your uni/institute

8. enjoy it :)

9. this is my profile in my uni for example