connect apple tv with eduroam, use eduroam wifi with apple tv, configure eduroam profile in apple tv

first, i'm a lonely man in f___ing BNE...

1. please visit https://grok.lsu.edu/Article.aspx?articleid=16895 to understand what is
"apple configurator2" and any hardware that you need to connect your apple tv (ATV) to your laptop, sure! you need a computer with mac os

2. remove your ATV from your computer via USB, start your ATV, connect your ATV with USB

3. open apple configurator2, new a profile, go to wifi to configure

4. open go to https://cat.eduroam.org/ to check/get your configure profile under your university/institute

5. download your eduroam installer from "https://cat.eduroam.org/" cause you will never know how to it works in your uni...

6. use text editor (perhaps iso-8559-1 is a good encoding) to open the configure profile, 
and you will see something dala as follow~~ this is from my uni
                      EAPFASTProvisionPAC ==> yes it accepts EAPFAST...
                      EAPFASTUsePAC ==> yes it accepts EAPFAST...
                      EAPFastProvisionPACAnonymously ==> reject EAPFast...anonymous
                      OneTimeUserPassword ==> reject onetime userpwd
                      TLSTrustedServerNames==> oh my uni actually accpts TLS..server
"sorry i don't want your know" ==> and the server name is "sorry i don't want your know"
                         MSCHAPv2 ==> this is important too
               EncryptionType ==> yes WPA

7. try to understand/map the above options to the wifi configuration page in the "apple configuretor 2", and don't forget to fill out your eduroam username/pwd from your uni/institute

8. enjoy it :)

9. this is my profile in my uni for example


how to quickly rename file in MATLAB?how to change file extension quickly in batch?

how to quickly rename file in MATLAB?

how to change file extension quickly in batch?

method 1.

by movefile


movefile(‘test.txt’,’test.test’); rename file test.txt to test.test.test

but this is a very inefficient function

method 2.

invoke java machine


java.io.File('test.txt ').renameTo(java.io.File('test.test '));

this is super faster than movefile function

then … using java to do file extension rename




change all *.txt file to *.m

function ChangeFileExtension(DirStruct,NewExtension)

% author Laiso Taiwan

% extension ,such as '.txt'

% if no extension then append

% else remove old extension and appent the new one

% 'name' char

% 'date' char

% 'bytes' 1*1 double

% 'isdir' 1*1 logic

% 'datenum' 1*1 double







error('input is not dir struct');


if ~(ischar(DirStruct(1).name)&&ischar(DirStruct(1).date)&&isa(DirStruct(1).bytes,'double') ...



error('input is not dir struct');


for i=1:numel(DirStruct)


if ~isempty(Dot)

%movefile(DirStruct(i).name,[DirStruct(i).name(1:Dot-1) NewExtension]);

java.io.File(DirStruct(i).name).renameTo(java.io.File([DirStruct(i).name(1:Dot-1) NewExtension]));


% movefile(DirStruct(i).name,[DirStruct(i).name NewExtension]);

java.io.File(DirStruct(i).name).renameTo(java.io.File([DirStruct(i).name NewExtension]));